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Man Up

So…if you’re interested in reading up on the entire story of the film (which is a classic case of indie filmmaking…the little/no budget, the networking, the traveling – GO INDIE!)…anyway visit the site:
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Dr. George C. Fraser, world-renowned motivational speaker and CEO of FraserNet, is set to come to Brooklyn, N.Y., to speak to the youths of the community Dec. 18 at the BRIC House. Fraser, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, will be returning home for the Rise2Greatness event, which will consist of an interview and…
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Are The Kids Okay?

No! The kids are not okay. Our children are in trouble and we can no longer hide, ignore or deny it. It's high time for America to take off the rose colored sunglasses. We have a problem and it needs to be handled! In one out of every three homes in the US-- there is…
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It’s All About The Money Shot!

Insight is the ability to see beyond... As Chief Creative Officer at Gradygirl Models, I often have to turn water into wine. When operating a boutique modeling and management company in the big city, you gotta go hard or go home! The creative was to capture Jade's allure in the midst of chaos. The goal…
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